Arnon Grunberg



Sylvie Kauffmann on eroticism and Saudi-Arabia:

‘Somehow, the Saudi king’s courtiers had forgotten how the French had disposed of their own royal family more than two centuries ago.’


‘As a Saudi minister once told me, after I pointed out how surprised I was to hear disparaging comments about the United States coming from such a staunch American ally: “It is not because we are in bed together that we have to enjoy it.” So every time the Saudis don’t find their relationship with Washington so “enjoyable,” they warm up to the French.’

Read the article here.

To summarize it all: The US is Saudi-Arabia’s wife, France is Saudi’s regular mistress and this mistress is willing to forget her own revolution in order to please her lover.

Furthermore, a time will come that we all will need to remind our bed partner that enjoyment is not part of the contract.

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