Arnon Grunberg



‘The story ends abysmally. Lulu, now degraded, is working as a prostitute. She has fled to London to avoid being imprisoned at home for murdering Dr. Schön. Living in a garret with her are Schigolch and Alwa, both now dysfunctional. They act as a pair of seedy pimps for Lulu, who brings home the wrong client: Jack the Ripper (Mr. Reuter).
I know that the very term “12-tone technique” makes some music lovers recoil. I wish they could hear this ingeniously structured, grimly beautiful work, especially in this stunning and searing production.’

These are the last paragraphs of Anthony Tommasini’s review in the Times.'

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Yes, this production deserves lots of praise.

But I’m not sure if the story ends ready abysmally though. Lulu is incapable of loving others, she herself is nothing but desire and a mirror for the desire of others, and desire can turn easily into despair. If the despair is big enough you are ready to kill and to get killed. She lived a life without pity because that’s how she wanted to live. Her death is more redemption than punishment.

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