Arnon Grunberg



German’s Interior Minister Thomas de Maizière in an interview with Der Spiegel:

“SPIEGEL: By contrast, it is Germany's self-confidence that has bothered many of our neighbors.
De Maizière: There is a sort of fatigue in our country when it comes to change, more so in the eastern states than in the western ones. In earlier times, globalization always appeared at first glance to be happening elsewhere, and we were the winners. Now the darker side of globalization has also arrived.”

Read the complete interview here.

An interesting euphemism for refugees, the darker side of globalization.

I would prefer “permanent tourism” as euphemism and needless to say that Europe once again risks becoming the darker side of globalization itself.

It’s not so much that the darker side of globalization has come to Europe; this dark side has always been part of the European soul.

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