Arnon Grunberg



Steven Paulikas (the Stone) on evil:

'President Obama’s speech in Orlando, however, offered an intriguing glimpse into what a long-term response to evil might look like. Amid the usual call for the destruction of the Islamic State and Al Qaeda as retaliation for the week’s “evil, hateful act” was a sincere focus on the experience of the victims — in other words, on evil suffered, not the evil perpetrated. He opened the speech with a long description of his meetings with families of the dead, linking their grief with that of the “American family.” Perhaps almost eight years of an exhausting cat-and-mouse struggle with evil drone targets and surge enemies has given the president a Ricoeurian sense of wisdom in his final months in office. His successor would be wise indeed to note what he has learned.'

Read the article here.

Indeed, it's rather ironic that some people focus on evil perpetrated and mistakenly believe that this is empathy in action.

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