Arnon Grunberg



Back in the nineties I went to Berlin because my boss had said: "Go east, young man."
I worked for a publishing house that published phone books. My main tasks were: making photo copies, answering phone calls, serving the boss an espresso four times a day, and picking up sandwiches around lunch time.
I went to Berlin because I wanted to be an actor. The fact that both my parents were born in Berlin may have added something to the ambition.
For one reason or another I went to Café Einstein in the Kurfürstenstrasse. I said to myself: "This is the future, this is where I'll fall in love."
It didn't happen but I kept coming back to Café Einstein, because nothing changed there. The same garden, the same Apfelstrudel, the same chairs, the same more or less pleasant snobbery.

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