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Hilarie M. Sheets in NYT on Sally Mann, her son and Cy Twombly.

'“I never separated myself as an artist and a mother,” said Ms. Mann, 65, who has always found her inspiration close to home, “in what William Carlos Williams called ‘the local,’” she wrote in her memoir. In this local realm she has created photographs of lush Southern landscapes and studies of her husband’s body revealing the effects of his progressive muscular dystrophy.

Her art and motherhood “were really intertwined,” she continued. “It wasn’t hard until I had to defend it.” Inevitably, there will be a chorus that assigns blame to the mother “for everything,” she added.

Ms. Mann has barely ventured off the farm since Emmett’s death.'

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Art and motherhood can be intertwined, that is regardless of the tragedy of Sally Mann's son a refreshing and important statement.

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