Arnon Grunberg

Around 9:30 p.m.


I was ready to go to the restaurant in my hotel when the phone rang. "I'm your personal assistant," a man said.
"During the festival," he added. "Do you want to have dinner with us?"
This was a question one could only answer with: "I would be delighted."
"Perfect," the man said. "I'll be in the lobby around 9:30."
Around 9:35 p.m. I was in the lobby myself.
A man approached me. "The opening night of the festival is not over yet, so we have to wait," he said.
We waited an hour. The man turned out to be charming and informative. He showed me a picture of his daughter and he said: "My stepson wants to be a movie director."
I could have gone to bed without dinner, but Santos was going to treat me well.

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