Arnon Grunberg



A.O. Scott on Mia Hansen-Love’s new movie "Thing to Come" (L'Avenir):

"In the course of the movie, all of that will collapse, in ways that are both perfectly ordinary and utterly catastrophic. Nathalie loses her mother (Édith Scob) and her husband, Heinz (André Marcon), a fellow philosopher who has fallen in love with someone else. There are troubles on the professional front as well, including some awful meetings with the dynamic and innovative crew of young cretins who seem to have taken over the operations of Nathalie’s longtime publisher.

Not everything is terrible, and Nathalie is too stoical, too analytical and too much of an ironist to engage in self-pity."

Read the review here.

Voila, the enemies of self-pity: stoicism, analytical thinking and self-irony.

To me the movie was a study on how to live with the disappearance of most passions. Recommended.

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