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The Brexit, a comedy, according to Christoph Scheuermann in Der Spiegel:

'In addition to the prime minister, one other person will stand at center stage in Britain next year who not many people outside of Westminster know -- a man with white hair, a high forehead and a malicious smile. David Davis enters a conference room in parliament on a cloudy afternoon. As Brexit minister, it's his job to make the best of the chaos. Twenty-one members of parliament on the Exiting the European Union Committee are staring out at him from the semi-circle. The parliamentarians are the checks and balances on Davis and his ministry. Unfortunately, there's not much for them to monitor at the moment -- for Davis, too, lacks a plan. Perhaps that explains his easygoing approach.

The first question asked this day is: When will Davis present his plan for Brexit negotiations?

"As soon as we can," Davis says, but it will be unlikely before February.

Is he seeking a transitional arrangement until a free trade agreement is ready?

"It depends what you mean by transitional arrangements," he responds.

And what would happen if Britain were unable to come to an agreement with the EU after two years?

"We'll do contingency planning for all the likely outcomes," he says. He doesn't offer anything more concrete.

Davis is 68 and negotiating Brexit could well be his last job. Why should he allow his mood to be spoiled at the twilight of this career? He speaks of Turkey, the customs union, Gibraltar and the European Medicines Agency with the unconcerned attitude of a man about to go into retirement. His ministry employs 330 people, the best his country has to offer, he says. After two hours and 123 questions, the members of the committee leave just about as informed as they were when they arrived.'

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Theresa May may say that she is working hard to make the Brexit happen, but it appears that most of the establishment in the UK is working hard for the continuation of the status quo with other names.

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