Arnon Grunberg



While I was visiting the Met Breuer a man with a Flemish accent approached me. He asked: "Are you Arnon Grunberg?"
I said: "Yes, that's my name."
Then he paid me a few compliments, I thanked him wholeheartedly and slowly he walked away in the direction of a woman, probably his significant other.
My girlfriend said: "This was such a sweet man. You should have invited him for dinner."
"I cannot invite every fan for dinner."
"He was so shy."
"You found him attractive."
"He was handsome, yes."
"You could have said: 'Please, join us for dinner.' I don't know right away what man or woman you find titillating. It's always a surprise with you. But next time I'll do that. Maybe you are right, maybe this was a missed opportunity."

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