Arnon Grunberg

I'm waiting


A.O. Scott on Olivier Assayas' movie 'Personal Shopper" a ghost story about grief and desire:

'Maureen, who works as a personal shopper for a spoiled celebrity named Kyra, certainly brushes up against glamour, and occasionally tries on a piece of Kyra’s borrowed couture. But she dwells mostly in a benumbed, stressed-out limbo, in frenzied motion from one nowhere to the next. Her human connections are often mediated by screens. She video-chats with her boyfriend, a tech consultant on assignment in Oman. She exchanges feverish texts with a stranger on a train from Paris to London and back. When asked what she’s doing in Paris, Maureen answers, “I’m waiting.”'

Read the review here.

The exchange of the feverish texts with a stranger was one of the most intrizuiging parts of the movie. Probably I'm more sensitive to feverish texts than to ghosts, after all my life consists partly of exchanging feverish texts with strangers. Well, feverish.

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