Arnon Grunberg



Graham Bowley in NYT on the arts, art therapy and veterans:

“I was kind of lost,” Chris Stowe, a retired Marine who studied oil painting and learned how to play the ukulele in the program, said in a telephone interview.

After deployments including Iraq and Afghanistan, he suffered night terrors and insomnia, he said. “I found this wonderful thing that is art.”

Rusty Noesner, a former member of the Navy SEALs, was injured in Afghanistan. “You are going 100 miles per hour, and after serving you are slamming on the brakes,” he said by telephone. “The artistic process gives you a pause to start thinking about how you should be living your life now.”

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We need the military to save funding for the arts. I like that. Although we should defend art that doesn't "treat" wounded warriors as well.

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