Arnon Grunberg



Modern love: Lauren Petersen on dating, monogamy and commitment:

'Six weeks earlier, Michael and I had met on Bumble, the dating app where women have to make the first move. Our first date had been in a local cafe. Afterward, I told my eager roommate that the date was “just fine,” but “just fine” was fine with me. I wasn’t looking for a relationship, let alone love.'


'I was an idiot. Of course I liked him. It was as if I had been carrying an armful of bricks for the past few weeks but only just admitted, “Wow, this is a little heavy.”

I tried reciting my mantra. Hard goodbye. Tissues. Snot. Then I gave in and dropped those hints, which he didn’t get. So I said it flat out: “I like you.” Within an hour of texting him my confession, my phone lit up with Michael’s reply: “I like you too.”'

If want you to know how this continues, read the article here.

For no just this, modern love or not modern love, if you have more than twice sex with a person saying "I like you" is just a matter of politeness.

The distinction between politeness and commitment seems to get lost.

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