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Der Spiegel (Nicola Abé and Christiane Hoffmann in Doha, Qatar) interviewed ex-Hamas head Meshal:

"SPIEGEL: Is your new line just window dressing? Is the destruction of Israel still Hamas' goal?

Meshal: Our pragmatic approach shows how seriously we are about this. We are prepared to accept a state within the 1967 borders.

SPIEGEL: But would you be willing to make concessions in order to make peace possible?

Meshal: When we see seriousness from the Israeli side toward addressing the requirements of real peace in this region, then we would be prepared to make concessions.

SPIEGEL: The document no longer makes any mention of Israel being the archenemy. Instead it is referred to as a "Zionist entity." But it does not rule out violence. Does this mean that Hamas will continue with its rocket attacks and suicide bombings?

Meshal: For us, this is not violence, this is legitimate resistance. This is our people's right to resist Israeli occupation.

SPIEGEL: But you target civilians.

Meshal: No. We target the Israeli occupation, not civilians.

SPIEGEL: When your Qassam Brigades fire rockets at Israel, the ultimate targets are completely random.

Meshal: We are defending ourselves with the simple military means that we have at our disposal. We are keen to develop and to get accurate, sophisticated weaponry in order to precisely target Israeli military installations."

Read the interview here.

Now this is a good argument for better and more sophisticated weapons: to avoid civilian casualties.

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