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This morning, my friend wrote: "Arnon , did you see this? Worth it just for the phrase "the elite of the left behind."

He was referring to an article by Thomas B. Edsall:

'One suggestive line of thinking comes from Arlie Hochschild, the author of “Strangers in Their Own Land: Anger and Mourning on the American Right” and professor emerita of sociology at Berkeley. Hochschild has studied Americans whom she calls “the elite of the left-behind.” Her findings shed light, I think, on the concerns of some of the voters who tipped the balance for Trump last year. Hochschild wrote to me that common refrains among these voters were “America’s heading downhill” and “I think our kids are headed for hard times.” In these conversations, she said,

it wouldn’t take long before another topic spontaneously came up, blacks, their problems, their call on government help. At the bottom of the imagined slide was the situation of blacks — teen single moms, kids out in the street at night, slacking off in school, drugs, drink. So, yes, the feeling was, “if we don’t turn this thing around, that could be us.”'

Read the article here.

The elite of the left-behind, it's a perversion of christianity, a celebration of weakness. The doctors who came to cure the illnesses of this society have no other interest than the continuation of the festering wound. Making the abscess fester again.

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