Arnon Grunberg



Der Spiegel (Veit Medick, Benedikt Becker and Melanie Amann) on the job hunting and the extreme-right:

"For the AfD, the experienced Bundestag veteran is a stroke of luck. The right-wing populists are desperately looking for people who will work for their 92 Bundestag deputies and to work in their parliamentary group office. But only a small number of the at least 400 positions have been filled, the result being that the AfD, which announced its intention to hunt down Merkel on election night, is spending much of its time hunting for office managers and staffers instead. Ads are being placed and consultants contacted, job boards are being combed through and bonuses offered."


"The party has turned to unconventional methods in its effort to attract people. In the Bundestag's intranet, for example, a digital bulletin board usually used for apartment offers and lost items, the populists have posted an ad headlined: "The AfD parliamentary group is looking for employees." There were no concrete qualifications listed, but those interested were encouraged to send application materials to an email address set up for the purpose."

Read the article here.

Wouldn't this be a perfect opportunity to "change the system from within"?

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