Arnon Grunberg



I ordered three beer, a daiquiri, a tomato soup and a bean soup.
The soups would be delivered to the table, drinks were my responsibility. I could only carry two beer and a daiquiri so I left one beer on the bar. This didn't seem to be a place where you could ask for a tray.
When I returned within 40 seconds the beer was gone.
"I left a beer here" I said to the bartender.
"Yes, you left a beer here. Alone. It's my job to keep you safe. I'm not sure where you are from but in the States you don't leave your drink alone. You don't know what people can put in it, you know."
I wanted to say that the job of the bartender is to serve drinks. He is not here to keep me safe. But I didn't want to argue with the bartender.
So I answered: "Thanks, man, thanks for keeping me safe."
He nodded and gave me the beer.
He said: "You don't want to know what fucked-up people put in other people's drinks. you don't want to know."
"No and thanks again."
Then I returned to my table.

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