Arnon Grunberg



The contrarian, Brett Stephens in NYT:

"The goal is to put Iran’s rulers to a fundamental choice. They can opt to have a functioning economy, free of sanctions and open to investment, at the price of permanently, verifiably and irreversibly forgoing a nuclear option and abandoning their support for terrorists. Or they can pursue their nuclear ambitions at the cost of economic ruin and possible war. But they are no longer entitled to Barack Obama’s sweetheart deal of getting sanctions lifted first, retaining their nuclear options for later, and sponsoring terrorism throughout.

Trump’s courageous decision to withdraw from the nuclear deal will clarify the stakes for Tehran. Now we’ll see whether the administration is capable of following through."

Read the article here.

No, the Iranian regime doesn't consist of sweethearts, but how about Saudi-Arabia? Sponsoring terrorism, spreading fundamentalism, yes reluctantly opening a cinema. The main reason to fear an Iranian nuclear weapon is that Saudi-Arabia won't rest until it has also a nuclear weapon.

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