Arnon Grunberg



Gail Collins on school shootings in NYT:

"There was a time when the news that 10 people had been gunned down at their school would have been a terrific shock. You’d have talked about it with everyone at work, with your family at dinner. All through the weekend.

But now it’s beginning to feel way too normal."

And the last paragraph of the column:

"Our mission, however, is pretty clear. The problem is guns, not knives or too many school doors. And when children lose their lives to a mass shooting, we have to keep talking about it."

Read the complete article here.

This sounds pretty desperate indeed, everybody is wore down, some more than others.

To quote Leonard Cohens: "Every knows the good guys lost."

But had the shooting been a terrorist attack committed by a Muslim the new normal would have been less normal.

That's the dirty secret of much of our moral outrage: solidarity with the victim is too often just an excuse to spread the message of hate.

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