Arnon Grunberg



Ross Douthat on free speech:

"Yes, this makes the problem sound insanely big; the advantage of free speech as common ground is that you don’t have to solve the “what’s wrong with academia” problem or the equally daunting “what’s wrong with big-time sports and race relations.”

But sometimes the problems are bad enough that the procedural approach isn’t a solution. And with due respect to the First Amendment, I think this is one of those times."

Read the article here.

Yes, free speech will not save us, but less free speech will not save us either.

The common misunderstanding is that free speech means that every utterance is equally interesting or worthless.

No, free speech means that the state should not interfere when citizens start to utter their stupidities.
Most of what human beings have to say is not worth listening to, but the state should not interfere or at least as little as possible in the process.
The fight against human stupidity is very often just another stupidity.

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