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And now Kristeva, intelligence and collective crimes -- Dimiter Kenarov in The New Yorker:

'One of the last items preserved in Kristeva’s dossier is an extensive interview titled “What Is the Function of Intellectuals?,” which she gave to Le Nouvel Observateur, in 1977. It was translated into Bulgarian—twenty typewritten pages—by State Security workers. It is one of Kristeva’s best interviews. She discusses her largely romantic flirtation with the French Communist Party and Maoism, and how she outgrew and rejected both. She defends the independent position of the intellectual as a dissident who shouldn’t serve political parties, ideologies, or collective agendas, and should preserve “strangeness, oddity, and distance.” At the end of the interview, alluding to Freud’s book “Totem and Taboo,” Kristeva says, “In the current situation, when an intellectual cannot honestly hide himself, the only thing he could do is to preserve the Freudian truth, according to which every society is created on the basis of a collective crime. We need to search for this crime in all societies, with a maximum degree of honesty.” The State Security officer who read the interview thickly underlined the passage.'

Read the article here.

If you cannot hide herself preserve the truth of the collective crime. I wholeheartedly agree, but the collective crime can be used to disguise individual crimes.
Anyhow it's good to remember that every community needs a collective crime in order to become a community.

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