Arnon Grunberg


My captain

Back in Amsterdam.
Captain Cynthia with whom I shared a room the last two weeks, well a room, a cell is a better description of this particular sleeping room, is not there anymore to call me “Tiger”.
My amante, my godson and his mother picked my up last night at Airbase Eindhoven.
There is always the fear to miss out on something important, that’s one of the reasons why I have mixed feelings about being back in the “civilized world”.
Some people.

Upon my beloved captain Cynthia’s request I changed the content of this entry.
I don’t think it is my task to be spokesman for the Dutch Armed Forces therefore I happily fulfilled her request.
For my observations, comments and thoughts about my stay in Afghanistan I can recommend the series of articles I published in the Dutch newspaper NRC Handelsblad. The last one appeared today.
For a better understanding why captain Cynthia called me “Tiger” I have to add that befor she turned off the light I said to her more than once: “Sleep well, my beloved one.” I hastily say that adding this information was my own initiative. Regarding Afghanistan things are so sensitive.
For those of you who master the Dutch language, this article might be of interest.