Arnon Grunberg

70 years


A good friend alerted me to this article in Haaretz, about morality and literature :

'"When I would meet Amos Oz, I always felt that if I could give him my kid and he could raise him for five years, he’d come back to me a very sharp thinker – less spoiled, more moral. I have no doubt. I came from the dynasty of Bashevis Singer and Kafka, people I wouldn’t leave my kid with even when I go to the bathroom. Flawed writers whose talent is to illuminate their weaknesses and who have so many weaknesses that they could keep writing about it for 70 years.”'

Read the article here.

With which writer would you leave your kids? A very important question.

I would leave my godson with Stendhal, Astrid Lindgren and Coetzee.

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