Arnon Grunberg



Dinner with a bio-hacker, he is hacking his own genes in his garage - one of the better sentences I've heard in weeks, "I'm hacking my own genes in my garage." - he is also working on a device that van be implemented in the penis and that will transform the penis into a vibrator, or to be more precise, that will merge the penis with a vibrator.
Since the device is not yet FDA approved, the minor surgery cannot be performed by a surgeon, the minor surgery will be performed by a body modification artist.
I must admit that at that point of the conversation I started feeling nauseous.
He himself has implemented several devices in his own body. For example, there are magnets in his fingers, and he has also built-in earphones, so he can listen to music without putting on earphones.
The bio-hacker said: "The future of sex? People are afraid that it will be less intimate, but it's going to be more intimate."

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