Arnon Grunberg



At the MOMA there is currently a Milos Forman retrospective. For various reasons I missed a few of the movies, but tonight I saw “Taking Off”. It was not really one of the Forman-movies I wanted to see; after some hesitations I decided to go and see it anyhow.
It’s hard to say what the movie is about. Maybe it is about freedom, or about how to smoke a joint or about strip poker.
Whatever “Taking Off” is about I left the MOMA very happy.
Most of the so-called feel-good movies make me sad. I liked “Juno” but it provoked melancholy, because the movie reminded me that I had forgotten to make a girl pregnant when I was fifteen.
“Taking Off” confirmed my admiration for Forman. Not all of his movies are great, but as long as there are movies as “Taking Off” there is no reason to die.