Arnon Grunberg



On borders – DW:

‘"We support Ukraine morally, financially, and militarily — with weapons," Scholz said. "It cannot be the case that borders in Europe can be moved around with violence. And we will do everything we can to ensure the war does not spread to other countries and to enhance our defense capabilities."’

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It cannot be, but not too long ago Germany recognized the independence of Croatia and played a vital role in the breakup of Yugoslavia.

Scholz, and I do respect Scholz, probably wants to change borders through diplomatic means. This is not feasible, if you want to change borders violence is almost inevitable.

But maybe in the future people will vote to dissolve their country.

Call soldiers peacekeepers and war nation building, that might also be helpful.

By sending weapons to Ukraine, Scholz and the West acknowledge that violence is a means to an end. Ugly or not, that’s merely an afterthought.

War is okay, just not in our own contries. That's the main message. Don't spread it. Keep it in Ukraine.

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