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On police violence – Ben Samuels in Haaretz:

‘Rep. Sara Jacobs called the events "horrific and inexcusable," calling for a full investigation into both the violence at the funeral and Abu Akleh's death.
"Live coverage of Israeli officers attacking attendees of Shireen Abu Akleh’s funeral, almost toppling the casket to the ground, disturbed me deeply," said Rep. Andy Levin. "What can justify this?"
“No one should be attacked while mourning. There’s no excuse,” said Rep. Jamaal Bowman, who called it a “prime example of the inhumane treatment of Palestinians living under occupation.”

He further called for a full and independent investigation of Abu Akleh’s “murder and this abhorrent violence by the Israeli police.” U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Linda Thomas-Greenfield said she was "deeply distressed" by the images from the funeral, adding "the tragedy of her killing should be handled with the utmost respect, sobriety and care."
Rep. Rashida Tlaib described the scenes as "sickening" and "violent racism, enabled by $3.8 billion in unconditional military U.S. funds." The Palestinian-American Democrat from Michigan added that "for the Israeli apartheid government, Shireen's life didn't matter - and her dehumanization continues after death," directly asking the State Department if they "condemn this horror or does being Palestinian make you less American? This is just cruel."
Tlaib is one of four U.S. lawmakers to publicly implicate Israel for Abu Akleh's killing. At least eight other House Democrats and three Senate Democrats joined the White House and State Department in urging a thorough investigation and accountability, while stopping short of accusing Israel of killing her.
Hundreds of people gathered outside the hospital where the procession began, with many of them flying Palestinian flags and chanting what police dubbed "nationalistic incitement calls."
At least 10 required medical assistance. Police said the group of Palestinian rioters had begun throwing stones in the hospital compound. "The policemen were forced to act," they added. There was no immediate comment from Palestinian authorities.
Israel has called for a joint investigation with the Palestinian Authority into the killing, and for the PA to hand over the bullet for forensic analysis to determine who fired the fatal round. Palestinian officials have refused, saying it will conduct its own investigation and take the case to the International Criminal Court, which is already investigating possible Israeli war crimes.’

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If you believe that violence serves a purpose, the question is what purpose served this violence? That international public opinion means nothing to you? Hubris to say the least?

That the lives of whoever doesn’t belong to your tribe are basically worthless? Troublesome.

That the leaders of the Israeli police are incompetent? Troublesome as well.

Also this will pass, but is it sustainable?.

The frivolous violence is a sign the Israel is moving, even post-Netanyahu, in the direction of Sisi’s Egypt.

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