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More on Andy Levin:

A few days ago I mentioned an article in The Guardian about Levin, the force of lobbying groups and support of Israel as a litmus test.

Ben Samuels writes in Haaretz:

‘Days before Tuesday’s highly anticipated Michigan Democratic primary between Reps. Andy Levin and Haley Stevens, Levin’s core Jewish supporters are fighting to sway local voters that he should be their pick while combating attacks based on his positions on the Israel-Palestine issue.
A group of volunteers calling themselves “Jews for Andy,” consisting of Jews of various ages and political positions, has been spearheading campaign efforts due to what they deem “existential” positions.
“Andy is a Jew for Palestinian rights and Medicare for All. He embodies the progressive agenda that feels like the only hope I have for a better future. The stakes feel so high,” says IfNotNow Political Director Eva Borgwardt, who drove up from Missouri to support Levin’s efforts in Michigan over the weekend.’


‘Brookings Nonresident Senior Fellow Shibley Telhami, who regularly conducts public opinion polling, notes that Democrats “by and large used to be more pro-Israel than not, but the situation has shifted dramatically in the past 20 to 30 years. Two-thirds of Democrats say they do not want to lean toward either side, and those who do want to lean – especially those under 35 – trend toward the Palestinians.”’


‘“Jewish Americans do not rate Israel as a priority in comparison to other issues, and polling does not show a substantial difference between Jewish and non-Jewish Americans,” says Telhami. “Roughly 2 percent consider it the single most important issue, and it’s not in the top three for the vast majority of Americans.” Borgwardt says that for her, AIPAC’s aggressive campaign “means they know they’re losing public opinion, and [this is] why they’re pouring money into races where they focus on non-related issues. It feels like this is the start of progressive Jews changing tactics to fight back,” she says.
Rene Lichtman, an 84-year-old Michigander and Holocaust survivor, says that “to be attacked by your enemy today is a good thing: for them to be attacking Andy, it means they’re scared shitless. This is class war,” the abstract artist says.’

Read the article here.

Enough has been written about the difference between Israeli and American Jews. In short: the great divide is only getting greater.

The extremism of AIPAC will sooner or later be self-defeating. AIPAIC might turn out as the favorite lobbying group for certain fanatical evangelical Christians. And a Whatsapp billionaire.

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