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On a directive – Anshel Pfeffer in Haaretz:

‘The name given to President Isaac Herzog’s compromise plan aimed at averting a constitutional crisis in Israel – “The People’s Directive” – sounded overly pompous at first glance. A legal document drafted far from the public eye, by lawyers gathered in the President’s residence in Jerusalem, is not from The People, and is unlikely to convince them.
But just before Herzog went on air to present his plan on Wednesday evening, the coalition began leaking that they were rejecting it, even before anyone knew the details. Suddenly the name made sense: Herzog had given up on the politicians and is now hoping that the Israeli people will pressure the government to accept his plan.
Those fearing that Herzog’s proposal would be a lightly toned-down version of the government’s judicial overhaul were pleasantly surprised. His proposal did give the government more of a say in the Judicial Appointments Committee but not the complete control Justice Minister Yariv Levin has sought.’


‘Justice Minister Yariv Levin is not going to give up on his goal of remaking the Supreme Court in his own image and the far-right and ultra-Orthodox parties are still demanding an “override clause” that will give them the power to overrule Supreme Court decisions.
As far as the coalition is concerned, the Herzog plan is dead on arrival. Netanyahu’s cabinet secretary, Yossi Fuchs, tweeted minutes after Herzog finished speaking that “in order to remove all doubt, the president’s plan is a one-sided plan of the president and not one that was agreed upon in any way by anyone in the coalition.” Netanyahu was given a way out and he chose unity inside his coalition over national unity in Israel.’


‘It is now up to the Israeli people to try and convince the government. So far the protests have encompassed mainly the secular and liberal middle classes. Their mobilization has been extraordinary, surprising both the government and the protesters themselves. Herzog knows he will have them onside. Now the president is trying to convince the other half of The People, mainly right-wing and religious Israelis, to pressure ‘their’ government to compromise.’

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I would be surprised if the government can convince the other half of the people. Probably the other half won’t even be frightened by the idea of a constitutional crisis.

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