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On GPT-4 – Tyler Cowen:

‘I like: What are three prominent stories about the economy of Nairobi, appearing in Kenyan newspapers in May of 2023? …and then keep on going…much better than trying to read Kenyan newspapers.’ (May 19, 2023)

Read it here.

Much better, indeed.

The comments are worth your while as well. Hank: ‘Personally, I just don't know what's the point of reading "news" that could be innacurate by at least three levels of separation, even if it did happen to effect my life.
Not only are we trusting Kenyan sources, but then Kenyan journalists, and the Kenyan editors, but then the ability to reconstitute that information in a legible way, on a decidedly small sample size.’

I don’t know what reason Hank has to distrust all Kenyan journalist and what he means by ‘three levels of separation’ when it comes to news, but everybody is entitled to ignore Kenyan news or news in general.
I’m not sure if that’s wise and what kind of citizen you can be without any interest in the world around you, but I’ve met monks who refuse to read news, watch television, listen to podcats, and they seemed to be decent people.

Anyhow, the outsourcing of reading is here to stay. Probably we’ll keep some human readers, but I’m afraid that their status won’t be much higher than that of a dishwasher.

‘Are you a dishwasher, young man?’

‘No sir, ‘I’m a reader.’

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