Arnon Grunberg



Ofer Aderet interviewing the historian Uri Bar-Joseph in Haaretz:

‘“The prime minister’s statement that it won’t be so terrible if we have a few fewer air force squadrons is antithetical to the values I was raised on, of a willingness to give your all so that we'll have those squadrons. If Golda and Dayan had heard that, they would have had a heart attack.
“Today, can you really rely on the security cabinet’s judgment in managing the next war? Look at who’s sitting there. The next war, if there is one, will begin as a catastrophe, and I fear that it will continue that way. The state will continue to exist, but we’ll suffer such a trauma that it will make the Yom Kippur War be remembered as much more successful.”’

Read the complete article here.

The past can either be glorified or vilified but in many ways the past is always comforting, because we know how it ends, or at least we think so.

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