Arnon Grunberg



On third base – Harpers:

From a list of reasons books should be removed from public schools, as updated in December by Bruce Friedman, who leads the Florida chapter of No Left Turn in Education.
Claims that Donald Trump is a racist
Claims that Confederates were pro-slavery
The destruction of historical artifacts
Harm being done to human teeth
Pentagrams, demons, devils, and ghosts
Sexualized youthful banter such as “spank you very much” and “I got to third base”


‘Mentions of Palestine’

Read it here.

Harm done to human teeth, Palestine and touching of genitals must be equally abhorrent.

We live in an interesting world where Mr. Trump would encourage Putin to attack America’s allies when they haven’t paid enough for NATO.

The old world is trembling indeed. We will see if the new order is making those progressives happy who couldn’t wait for the old world order to perish.

But be careful with teeth indeed, with dog’s teeth also.

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