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On aging - Dhruv Khullar in The New Yorker:

‘Our minds naturally evolve over the course of our lives. In general, fluid intelligence—our ability to think creatively, reason abstractly, and learn new skills—declines with age, whereas crystallized intelligence, by which we integrate accumulated knowledge to solve problems and make decisions, tends to increase. The speed at which we process new information peaks in our twenties and thirties; our vocabularies expand into late middle age. Memory loss exists on a spectrum, and even speaking of “memory” as a monolith is misleading. (Deficits in working memory versus long-term memory, for instance, suggest different pathologies.) Geriatricians often try to differentiate normal age-related memory loss from what’s known as mild cognitive impairment.’


‘And yet it’s also true that for most conditions age is not a risk factor but the risk factor. An octogenarian in excellent health is more likely to have a heart attack than a sedentary thirtysomething chain-smoker is. Your risk of stroke doubles every decade after the age of fifty-five.’


‘No doubt Biden faces an unkind asymmetry when he speaks live and unscripted: a smooth interview fades into the ether unnoticed, while each misstep ignites a social-media frenzy. But demonstrating his fitness for office may provide his surest path to reëlection and, at this stage, the country’s best shot at forestalling the chaos and dysfunction of a second Trump term. A more vigorous, more visible Biden would speak for himself.’

Read the article here.

It’s better to be young, so much is clear.

Also, I’m not convinced that a more visible Biden is the answer to all kinds of anxieties about his age.

(Some countries would seriously think about some sort of stand-in.)

According to this article both Trump and Biden are “super-agers.”

I guess, many strive to be just that. Once upon a time there was paradise (or hell) after your demise.

Now, there is the possibility to become a super-ager.
And some people believe in Cryonics.
Freeze yourself, get defrosted in a better world, a few centuries from now. Also nice.

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