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On a grand plan – Harel in Haaretz:

‘In the roughly 20 hours preceding Netanyahu's speech, no official political figure bothered to express regret over the deaths of noncombatants in the Israeli attack, except the office of Chief Military Advocate General Yifat Tomer-Yerushalmi.
Even worse, mouthpieces identified with the government celebrated the civilians' deaths in a series of beastly posts on social media. After nearly eight months of war, it appears that Hamas' Gaza leader Yahya Sinwar's grand plan is proceeding as planned – Jewish Hamasniks are slowly sprouting up.
Many countries immediately condemned Israel for the civilian deaths. The question now is whether the incident, which occurred two days after the ICJ's decision, would increase international pressure for a cease-fire, even without it being conditioned on a hostage release deal.
In the interim, there's been another complication that was unforeseen. On Monday morning, Israeli and Egyptian soldiers exchanged fire at the Rafah border crossing. An Egyptian soldier was killed and other Egyptian soldiers wounded. Here too, the circumstances of this rare incident aren't yet entirely clear, but it reflects the heightened tension at the convergence of three borders, which has greatly intensified with the IDF incursion into Rafah.’ (…)

‘Sunday's rare barrage of rockets at the Tel Aviv area and the Sharon region, for the first time in four months, reflects the advance of IDF forces in Rafah. Hamas is holding sites where medium-range rockets are produced and stored in the vicinity of Rafah's Shabura neighborhood.
It appears that an order was issued to fire them off before the Israeli army reached them. At the same time, it was an attempt to signal that Hamas is still capable of causing damage to the Israeli home front and that it does not intend to lay down its arms. The results of the barrage itself were limited – a woman was lightly injured in Herzliya when she was hit by a fragment.’


‘Minister Benny Gantz is planning the departure of his National Unity Party faction on June 8 from the ruling coalition over the clear lack of equality that the government is promoting. Until then, the war in the Strip is continuing to tread water, and communities on the northern border with Lebanon continue to sustain daily heavy fire from Hezbollah.’

Read the article here.

The Jewish Hamasniks are slowly sprouting up? Maybe not so slowly.

But yes, this must be Sinwar’s grand plan. He knows Israel, he knows Israel probably better than many Israelis do.

And he has many helpers in the Israeli government. A bit too many.

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