Arnon Grunberg


Human being

Last Sunday I went to the latest Woody Allen, reluctantly I have to admit.
But ever since I saw “The dancer upstairs” I’m a fan of Javier Bardem, so I decided to go.
Behind me a woman was laughing so terribly hard that I was hoping that nothing remotely funny would happen ever again in this movie.
Unfortunately she kept laughing.
This took away from the enjoyment I was experiencing, but I didn’t feel like turning my head and asking: “Could you please try to laugh like a human being? Thank you.” The moral of the movie is that American women looking for sexual pleasure should try European artists, but for the long term happiness – or unhappiness, that doesn’t matter, it’s all about long term – they should stick to American bankers and other professionals on the East Coast.
One could see why many women would fall for Mr. Bardem. Even though he was obvious, at least in this movie. If you know how to deliver your line there is nothing wrong with being obvious – quite the opposite.
This Sunday I might see the movie again with a good friend of mine. I’m curious to hear her opinion on Mr. Bardem.