Arnon Grunberg



Friday night I had dinner with a good friend of mine who is also a philosopher and Hegel specialist.
We went to my favorite restaurant in Amsterdam so I didn’t bother to order a specific bottle of wine. I just said: “Bring something nice, preferably white.” The waitress brought a bottle and spoke about the wine with nothing less than poetic adoration.
I looked at my friend and said: “If you don’t like it just say so.” He answered: “I have never sent back a bottle of wine in a restaurant. To send back of bottle of wine in a restaurant must be the climax of masculinity.” Not violence is the climax of masculinity, just sending back a bottle of wine in a decent restaurant.
The waitress added: “Yes, a couple of nights ago we had an older guy with a younger woman. He sent back of bottle of wine, which was perfectly okay.”