Arnon Grunberg

Chow hall

Never loaded your weapon

I stumbled upon this:

“You might be a Med Task Force 10 Soldier if….

You have dual residences in Tallil and Baghdad

You come from the other side of the railroad tracks, but you can’t tell if that is a good thing or a bad thing

You clear your weapon 4 times just to go 100 feet and have never put a magazine in it.

You deployed to a combat zone and never loaded your weapon, let alone fire it!

You do monthly, then weekly and finally twice daily weapons checks just to be sure you didn’t use it.

You have a coffee mug with your name on it in the combat stress teams’ office and LTC Agin and MAJ Charles know you by your first name.

Dr. Charles is writing a medical paper about you.

Preparing for a 20 minute MEDEVAC to Balad or BIAP involves packing personal items to last 3-4 days…as well as getting the patient ready. Actually, any day trip in theater requires you to pack at least a weeks supply of underwear.

There is an entirely new hospital staff every time you MEDEVAC a patient to the 332d AFTH in Balad.

The ice cream server at the DFAC already has your double scoop ready for you as you approach the counter.”

I really like the double scoop ice cream.

In the chow hall in Afghanistan (Camp Holland) they serve eel and smoked salmon on Sunday morning. At least that’s what they used to do in October 2007.

Still searching for any kind of night life in the IZ…