Arnon Grunberg

June 3, 2007

17th Prague Writers' Festival

Arnon Grunberg is invited to speak at the 17th edtion of the Prague Writers' Festival, from the 3rd till the 6th of June. He will read an excerpt of Phantom Pain - in 2006 a Czech translation was published - with a signing session at a bookshop. Also Grunberg will join a converstion, with the following phrase by Tristan Tzara as a starting point: 'Thought begins in the mouth.' The theme of this edition of the festival is 'Dada East'.
From the official website: 'This year the Prague Writers’ Festival presents Dada—East: the secret history of Dada, bringing the Cabaret Voltaire in the form of an exhibition: “The Romanians of Cabaret Voltaire”. The Festival will expose unsociable, naked Czech Dada through the unknown figure of Walter Serner, debate non-violence versus terrorism, while wondering if “thought begins in the mouth” as podcast by Tristan Tzara. Dada was the first version of globalization, not counting Spanish flu.'

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Photo by: Wim van Anrooij

17th Prague Writers' Festival