Arnon Grunberg

March 14, 2020

-CANCELED- Bezette gebieden in Tilburg

-CANCELED- Tilburg - Presentation of new novel Bezette gebieden ("Occupied Territories")

On March 14th, Boekhandel Gianotten Mutsaers intended to host the presentation of Arnon Grunberg's new novel Bezette gebieden ("Occupied Territories").

Due to COVID-19, the event at Boekhandel Gianotten Mutsaers in Tilburg has been canceled.

In solidarity with the citizens of Tilburg Mr. Grunberg will spend Christmas eve 2020 in Tilburg.

Are you a resident of Tilburg? Are you celebrating Christmas 2020 in Tilburg? Are you interested in inviting Mr. Grunberg for your Christmas dinner? Let us know. He might write about your Christmas dinner, but nobody will be ridiculed. It would be nice if he can crash on your couch -- of course this is not mandatory.