Arnon Grunberg

October 9, 2020

Prague - Prague Writers' Festival

Prague Writers' Festival Panel Discussions

Arnon Grunberg will moderate two discussions during Prague Writers' Festival 2020. The festival's theme is "I Can't Breathe".

First, on October 9th during the Gala Evening, Grunberg will engage in a conversation with Wole Soyinka. Taťjana Medvecká, Jindra Dvořáková and Michal Ginter on the theme of the festival. This discussion will take place at 20.00.

Then, on October 10th, he will moderate the main festival discussion titled "We can only hope" with Wole Soyinka, Mahi Binebine, Ersi Sotiropoulos, also starting at 20.00.

Both events take place in the National Gallery of Prague at the Monastery of St. Agnes.