Arnon Grunberg

September 28, 2023

28th International Book Festival

European humanism and Dutch literature

Arnon Grunberg gives two lectures and participates in a panel discussion on The Budapest International Book Festival. One lecture is about the meaning of European humanism today and our shared values, in the second lecture Grunberg will discuss contemporary Dutch literature.

The Budapest International Book Festival, which will be held for the 28th time this year, is a noted event of the international book world, a defining professional and cultural forum of the region. The festival traditionally hosts the world's most prestigious writers and poets. The guest of honour of this year's Festival is the popular American science fiction writer - John Scalzi, who will receive the Budapest Grand Pize from the Mayor of Budapest.

The Book Festival will be opened by Ildikó Boldizsár, a József Attila Prize winner writer, ethnographer, who is celebrating her 60th birthday this year. On behalf of the Dutch guest of honourship, Désirée Bonis, Ambassador of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Budapest, and Arnon Grunberg will be addressing the audience. The venue of the opening event will be the National Dance Theater.

The European Writers' Meeting will take place on Friday, September 29 at the Europa Point. The program of the Writers' Meeting includes the round table of Dutch writers (participants: Arnon Grunberg, Roxane Van Iperen, Jamal Ouarachi, Manon Uphoff), and the discussion of European Literature Prize winners (participants: Federico Pedreira, Piia Leino, Peter Karoshi, Anja Mugerli, Richard Pupala).

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