Arnon Grunberg


Recently Lebowski published Arnon Grunberg's novel Moedervlekken ('Birthmarks') to much critical acclaim. Reviews and interviews are currently uploaded here (Dutch only).

Some quotes:

‘An ode to life’ - Het Parool ****

‘Perfect, complete and moving’ - De Volkskrant ****

‘What Grunberg describes here is a generational ban on happiness’ - NRC Handelsblad ****

‘It is hard not to love this book’ -

‘This novel is a highlight in Grunberg’s oeuvre. His style, based on paradox, the litany and the repetition, is glistening here. It works. It keeps the emotions at bay and at the same time makes you realize it does, which makes it all the more moving.’ - De Groene Amsterdammer

‘Grunberg reveals his true self to us’ - Knack *****

‘A stylistic tour de force, a relief, and already one of my favourite Grunberg’s ever.’ - HUMO ****

‘A degenerate homage to the relationship between mother and son’ - Standaard der Letteren ****

‘Grunberg imprisons his reader, there is no bigger compliment for his writing’ - Trouw