Arnon Grunberg

De Mensheid (contest!)

Together with Josse De Pauw, Claron McFadden and Kris Defoort next week, March 18th and 19th, Louis d'Or nominee Arnon Grunberg will come to Amsterdam to perform De Mensheid (In Praise of Mankind), the theatre adaption of Grunberg's some might say diabolic treatment of Erasmus's In Praise of Folly. More info here.

Because at this website we have pity on humankind there is a new contest! The winner gets a place on the guestlist, a meet & greet with the players and two drinks. Please keep in mind that some human beings would sell their own mother for this.

The only thing that you have to do is answer this question right: who is the handsome devil that adapted Grunberg's book for the theatre?

Send your answer (note: including insults and lamentations regarding humankind; no treatises, just some short notes) to
The contest closes Friday March 15th. If there are more winners a completely unjust jury will select the most righteous insult or lament.