Arnon Grunberg

Gstaad translated in German

Gstaad, Arnon Grunbergs novel about François Lepeltier jr. with an obsession for the anus and a dream to become a waiter in the Palace Hotel of Gstaad, is now available in German. It is translated by Rainer Kersten.

In September, Grunberg will read from his novel Gstaad in Potsdam and in Berlin.

See for an interview with Grunberg about Gstaad, guilt and the relationship between kids and their parents.

François Lepeltier jr. is born in Heidelberg and is the son of chambermaid Mathilde and a trader in goose feathers. His father dies of bowel cancer and he is being raised in pension Sonnenhügel in Baden-Baden by his kleptomanic mother. He meets variety of guests including Mr. and Mrs. Ceccherelli and is showing more and more an obsession for the anus.

With his mother François enters a world of crime and violence that will lead him to Switserland where he becomes a waiter in the Palace Hotel of Gstaad naming himself Bruno Ritter.