Arnon Grunberg

La Gazzetta dello Sport

Il rifugiatio, the Italian translation of The Asylum Seeker, was named the best book of 2007 by La Gazzetta dello Sport.

Readers of Silent Extras may remember the illustrious Broccoli and the chapter called 'La Gazzetta dello Sport'.

'When Broccoli was waiting for me on the bridge, you could see him from far away. He always stood in the middle of the bridge, and he almost always had an Italian sporting journal in his hand. At first, I thought he knew Italian, and that he was keen on sports. But he couldn't read Italian at all, and he didn't care a whit about sports. He was convinced that carrying around the Gazzetta dello Sport could give you a major jump on certain situations.
One time he said: 'A burglar you should hit in the face with a rolled-up newspaper.' And another time: 'Italian men are the best men.' And then he whispered something that sounded sort of like 'machissimo'.
(translation: Sam Garrett)


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La Gazzetta dello Sport