Arnon Grunberg

Arnon Grunberg Agency

Press release:

As from July 1, 2012, under the name “Arnon Grunberg Agency” (AGA), publishers Nijgh & Van Ditmar and Lebowski Publishers will assume shared responsibility for the worldwide sales of translation rights to Arnon Grunberg’s oeuvre. Grunberg’s agent, Ira Silverberg, recently decided to swap the world of literary representation for a position with the National Endowment of the Arts. For the two Dutch publishers, it was the perfect moment to choose for a construction that is both innovative and in keeping with Grunberg’s person and work.

In addition to international rights sales, the publishers will also see to the promotion and positioning of Arnon Grunberg’s work abroad. Translated titles no longer in print will be re-issued in either printed form or as e-book. Grunberg’s internationally oriented website ( will also be fine-tuned and expanded, and events (public interviews, literary encounters) will be organized in the Netherlands and abroad.

Arnon Grunberg on the new cooperative form: ‘True love can only be found in a trio.’