Arnon Grunberg

Summer Sale!

Ever wondered how it would feel to be in Arnon Grunberg’s shoes? Now’s your chance at the Arnon Grunberg Webshop! If you have the same size of course, but a lot is possible these days, and if it’s not possible, you can buy them for someone else. It always feels better to give something to others than to be a greedy little bastard.
We have for you two men’s pairs of vintage Fratelli Rossetti, size US 6,5 and EUR 40, worn by the author around the world during sweaty performances of every kind imaginable.
You pay only $ 499 for a pair.
Although it doesn’t come with a foot correction it includes a free foot massage by assistant Johannes and a certificate.
The Arnon Grunberg Webshop Team wishes you a hot and steamy summer.