Arnon Grunberg
The Advertiser,
1998-03-07, The Advertiser

Adelaide & Fringe Festival Saturday; Between The Lines

Chris Brice

Nominations for the Wakefield Wirra Wirra Writers' Week Witticism of the Week award were still flowing in late yesterday as the flaps dropped on the Adelaide Writers' Week '98 tents. Among the hot contenders to take the coveted title are:

Arnon Grunberg for "A clean toilet is more beautiful than a butterfly".

Elizabeth Jolley for "I'm old enough to know that if you can't change something, you're happy with it".

Julian Davies for "Sex is as interesting as brushing your teeth, and it takes as long".

Margaret Mahy for "A troubled time at school is no excuse for writing a novel".

Arnon Grunberg quoting Woody Allen, "Although the world is miserable, it's still the only place you can get a decent steak, and that's the best case there is against suicide, even for a vegetarian".

Julian Barnes for "Solitude is a wonderful thing as long as you can talk to someone afterwards".

Louis de Bernieres for "My cat lives with my ex because she still loves . . . it".

The best witticism as judged by Brian Matthews and the winners of the Wirra Wirra wine and Wakefield books will be announced on Monday.