Arnon Grunberg
The Advertiser,
1998-03-13, The Advertiser

Witty Winners

Chris Brice

The Wakefield Wirra Wirra Writers' Week Witticism of the Week Award has been shared by Australian author Elizabeth Jolley and young Dutch writer Arnon Grunberg. The authors had received an equal number of nominations from Writers' Week patrons.
Ms Jolley's comment, "I'm old enough to know that if you can't change something, you're happy with it", answered a question about whether she was happy with the film version's ending to The Well, based on her prize-winning novel of the same name.
The other winning witticism came at the launch of Neil Paech's book of love poems, the skinscape voyeur, when Grungberg assured the audience there were no nature poems in the collection and that "a clean toilet is more beautiful than a butterfly".
Those who voted for the winning witticisms get the Wakefield Wirra Wirra prize of a bottle of wine and a book.