Arnon Grunberg



In last’s week New Yorker Nick Paumgarten writes a long and gloomy article about banks and bankers.
Paumgarten interviews a man named Colin Negrych who describes himself as, “I’m a macroeconomic and geopolitical strategist disguised as a bond salesman.” Colin Negrych is quite a character. Paumgarten writes: “To check up on me, he not only read everything I’d ever written but somehow got hold of my wife’s undergraduate thesis and read that, too—something I’ve never done.” This raises a few questions: Is google enough to find Mr. Paumgarten’s wife’s undergraduate thesis? How many of you out there have not read your husband’s, wife’s, boyfriend’s, or girlfriend’s undergraduate thesis? And you are still surprised he or she is cheating on you? It’s all in the undergraduate thesis.
If Mr. Negrych reads Mr. Paumgarten’s wife’s undergraduate thesis to check up on the journalist that is interviewing him what a bunch of losers must have been the journalists that interviewed me. They never got hold of my girlfriend’s undergraduate thesis.